Preparing for Your Brazilian

What do you do to prepare for a Brazilian Bikini Wax?

Make sure your hair is long enough for this service, 1/4" to 1/2" is ideal. If you need any trimming that can be done before your service. If your hair is too short the results will not be as smooth as you would expect, and if your hair is too long then it will be more painful and the potential of hair breaking and not pulling out at the root is greater resulting in hair growing back quicker.

Wait until a few days before your period or at least a week after your period. Your skin is super sensitive during this time and a Brazilian will be a lot more painful.

Do Not get a Brazilian if you have any irritation like sunburn, rash/irritation, broken skin or taking certain medications (Must be off these for 6 months to year) such as:

    • Oral Retinoids
    • Topical Retinoids
    • Retin-A
    • Renova
    • Accutane

No sun or tanning beds at least 24 hours before waxing

Aftercare: Avoid the following for 24hrs after waxing:

    • Hot showers, baths, saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools, natural sun or sunbeds
    • Exercise, excessive perspiration or friction in the area
    • Moisturizer, shower gel, make up, deodorant, perfume and fake tan
    • Tight clothing may cause friction to the area
    • Do not touch or scratch the area
    • Do not exfoliate the area for approx 3 days after wax or until you are not sensitive in the area waxed